Adam Denton - mhealth Grand Tour director


"On the mHealth Grand Tour DASH managed all of the photography and video content. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or to use them again. The content was a critical component of the PR, social media and ongoing communication elements of the Tour delivering significant value for the sponsors and all of the riders.  Essential for us was timely delivery of quality and original content.  DASH were exemplary in delivering this is in very demanding conditions whilst traveling across rural Europe between Brussels and Barcelona. I found working with Howard and David very easy and great value for money.  They showed a great understanding and empathy for what we were trying to do and I had absolute confidence they would deliver against the brief."

Dave Walsh - Girona Gran Fondo director

"DASH have always been extremely professional and endlessly creative. The material they produce is not only of top quality but also delivers the message that we are attempting to convey to our clients in an extremely sophisticated way, which is a complex and difficult task to achieve. We have benefited from their experience, patience and dedication."

Fernando Faria - Founder, innovaBRICS

"DASH team are a pleasure to work with. They are very reliable and provide great onsite advice instead of just “doing my job” attitude, which is great because you feel they want to contribute to the overall success of the event."


Mandy Lloyd - Director of Development - Office of Chief Executive at Kids Company

"If you are looking for a professional photography or video production company, look no further…..!"



Emma Sinden - Executive Director, Bright Innovation


"Excellent results, easy to work with and able to come up with smart, creative ideas with very little to work with…"



Carrie Knights - Training Compliance Officer at Carnival UK

"Hired many times during my career at IESE Business School and I really could not recommend enough! Ideas on the spot for when we needed to change something last minute or when nature was working against us! "